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Lexi Lore

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My Neighbor's Sugar Mommy, Scene #01

[HD video] — Serene turns lupine and begins seducing Lexi, saying she's interested in taking on a second daughter. When they realize that they're both 20 aeon old, Lilly expresses how happy she is to have another young personage in the neighborhood, but Lexi sheepishly admits that she doesn't think she'll be in the habitat too extended. 'Wouldn't you like a new sister, too? Serene is immediately taken by how sweet and pleasing Lexi is, saying how tricky she is. Lilly mischievously tells Serene that she has a surprise for her. Serene continues to butter Lexi up with promises of being taken care of. They arrive at the nook, though Lexi is still shy. Story inspired by an primal submission by Girlsway member, Jerichoholic! 'If there's anything you ardor, Lexi, don't stickle to ask,' she says, then adds to Lilly, 'I'll be in my room, so be sure to come clean up when you're done with your friend, darling. 'I puzzlement if -I- should get a sugar matriarch...' Lexi shyly says, half-joking. ' 'Welcome fate, mommy,' Lilly happily greets, then introduces Lexi. In exchange, she PRETENDS to be her daughter and does ANYTHING Serene asks... 'Anything? ' Lexi asks. 'Anything! Lexi's going to show her new sugar mommy how benevolent she is to be part of the family! I can't obstruction for you to sit on my face! ' Lexi looks on in shock at this very blunt superseder. Lilly cards her with a laugh and explains that Serene isn't her REAL mother -- she's her ooftish mommy! She used to struggle with money too, but ever since she became part of a special arrangement...But before Lilly can elaborate further, they are scrappy when Serene Siren arrives home and greets Lilly, 'Hey, sweetie, I'm hospital! Lilly Lit answers, excitedly welcoming Lexi into the house as they substitution introductions. ' Lilly cheerfully says, 'Yes, mommy! Suggesting that they go speech to Serene to see if she and Lexi hit it off, Lilly takes Lexi's hand and leads her to the bedchamber. Lexi Lore ill on her neighbor's postern. It's the best decision she's ever made! 'Lexi, come be my new sister...' Since she's so aroused and satisfied, Lexi agrees to the construction and the trio approach together for a steamy threesome. It's obvious she's considering the option but is too shy to dive in. Serene and Lilly begin caressing and fawning over Lexi, making Lexi flustered, though she likes the attention. Disturbed by the conversation, Lexi impolitely but unsystematically tries to excuse herself from the house after Serene dolmas. Lexi is confused, and Lilly tells her that Serene takes keeping of her bills, food, rent...everything. ' Lilly says with a grin. Lilly looks thoughtful then grins. ' Serene seductively says while Lilly excitedly agrees. She's spoiled rotten AND she has mind-blowing sex every day! Lexi is new to the quarter and wanted to say hi! Lilly can relate. The rent is too expensive. They make debased canvass.

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