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Lexi Lore

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We Like Girls - Lexi & Harmony, Scene #01

[HD video] — 'It's great to share this special moment with someone, but when you watch Harmony and I,' says Lexi, 'it's not just a moment that you're seeing on camera... There's years and years that go behind that suasion, making it so special. But this season, we're mixing it up and bringing you even more fellow stories than before. These small tits deserve cuddles (or poky slaps, it depends). Now they'll FINALLY be able to express the love they have for each other in a way they've never done before... by going to prom! A sexual intercourse was not an option for these girls, as they wanted something a little more sensual. These small tits are the cutest equipage in the universe. When we wrapped season one of We Like Girls, I largely intended to take a base breather. 'I don't even think we were in the same estate. We never went to prom together, or at all, so we notice it was the perfect opportunity for Harmony to teach me how to meeting! 'Harmony was definitely biased in having a prom-themed canvas nowadays because neither of us ever got to go to prom,' Lexi tells us. Although life has physically kept them unaided throughout the years, their bond has always remained strong. -Bree Mills The thought was reserved-lasting, though, since so many wonderful women kept asking to answer with us on this project. She gets her pussy licked passionately. They didn't know they were lesbians at first. But the truth is, they really concord each other. We truly want to highlight each unique and genuine relationship to show you how love exists in so many forms...And we're starting off with Lexi Lore and Harmony Wonder! 'Little does Lexi know, Harmony has something VERY special planned... I token that you're NOT going to absence to miss this! Lexi Lore and Harmony Wonder are best friends since school, and now they wantage to come further... 'These two ladies have known each other for over a decade. With everyone showing so much enthusiasm and love for what we do, how could I say no?

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Lexi Lore and Harmony Wonder
Teen, Small Tits and Lesbians
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